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    Bulgaria OFRM Geotrade 2013 Q4
    17.12.2013, 16:06
    The new version Q4 2013 is now available for download from our website for all users with an active subscription to updates. As always we want to express special thanks to all the customers and friends who sent us information found inaccuracies in the previous version , actively helping to refine the map!

    Updates urban and national road network

    In version 2013 Q4 newly added circular motion in Blagoevgrad and Sliven flyover in Parvomai and reflected the expansion of the road section between Sarafovo and Pomorie.

    Extended coverage in settlements

    Enriched information is available for search by address (street and number) with two new settlements , as well as search by street name / intersection with 9 new locations.

    Added data for the blue zone in Plovdiv

    Added new sites of public interest (POI)

    enhanced functionality

    Thanks to the added features in the development of Garmin software to compile the map in version 2013Q4 already seen blocks and objects in the map, in browse mode and navigation mode .

    For lovers of off-road and Tourism

    Off-road enthusiasts and mountaineers have available new 568 km ofroud areas and 351 miles of hiking and biking paths .

    Confident that the new version of the card OFRM Geotrade will be more convenient and useful for an ever wider range of users , we wish you and priyatno bezopasno patuvane throughout Bulgaria !

    OFRM team wishes you happy holidays , good health and success in the new year !

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